I don't often take shots in the winter, but when I do... it's a shot of Fireball. Most people know that the blood-thinning, mind-altering effects of alcohol don't actually "warm you up" on a cold winter's night, but perhaps that isn't the case with Fireball.

I just recently learned that Fireball contains an "acceptable" amount of propylene glycol. Antifreeze! I'm cool with it, but Europe isn't. Apparently they make two versions of the stuff: The U.S. Version and the Everywhere Else version.

In a shipping snafu, the U.S. version was sent to Finland and Sweden, where it was promptly pulled from the shelves. After all, you can't have people drinking antifreeze...unless they're Americans.

If you should happen to see me shivering in one of our many local watering holes, please do the right thing and get me a shot of cinnamon flavored antifreeze. I will be grateful.

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