When I was a kid, I lived in a state that didn't sell any "good" fireworks. They only sold sparklers, smoke bombs, snappers and those lame little snakes. My dad was a truck driver though, and every year as the 4th of July approached we would anxiously wait for him to arrive home from his weekly runs. We knew that dad had driven through neighboring states where fireworks were legal and we knew there was likely a large box of fireworks - the good stuff - somewhere in the cab of his truck. Dad rarely disappointed.

The only thing you can't buy at our local fireworks stands are bottle rockets and Roman candles. This law never made much sense to me. Seriously... you can buy giant mortars that fly hundreds of feet into the air exploding with massive fireballs, but you can't buy a wimpy little bottle rocket? Okeedokey.

I realize many people and pets are not fond of fireworks. The neighbor kids who insist on lighting them off for weeks ahead of the 4th are pretty annoying, especially for those who have to work in the morning or for people who suffer from PTSD. My kids are only allowed to light off our fireworks on the 4th. They get one day to blow it all up and call it good.

Credit: Patriot Discount Fireworks - Used with permission. Jungle Jets are new this year.

If you're looking for the "good stuff", you've got to check out one of the five Patriot Discount Fireworks stands scattered around the Billings area. Patriot Discount Fireworks believes in giving families a great selection of the best fireworks at fair prices. Like their Facebook page for special offers and giveaways.

Credit: Patriot Discount Fireworks - Used with permission.

They have a number of cool new items this year and we'd love to hook you up with a $20 gift certificate to go check them out. In fact, we have TEN $20 gift certificates to blow out today at 2 PM.

Credit: Michael Foth Townsquare Media

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