Now that tourist season in Montana has ended (for the most part) we can make fun of them, right? Sure, why not. While most tourists enjoy their Montana vacations, it turns out that not all visitors to Big Sky Country seem to enjoy the various attractions that make Montana a pretty awesome place. When some of these "Karen's" visit, what's the first thing they do? Write a nasty review! Then maybe demand to speak to a manager?

We dug through reviews of various Montana attractions on travel websites and sorted by least-favorable reviews. OMG, we found some doozies.

1. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. Nearly all of us have visited this popular Montana destination at least once in our lives. Maybe on a school field trip or just because it's pretty awesome. A reviewer on felt differently.

The experience at the cavern is just plain awful. There are no positives in the whole thing. When you buy tickets, you are given a list of things you can't do, and it's just about everything. It's no. No. No. No. no. Ad nauseum. Then, you take a hike three quarters of a mile uphill which, while not being especially steep, is not for small children or older adults.

Another reviewer blamed his body size on a crappy experience.

As a person of height and weight (6' 5" and over 300LBs) I had a very negative experience in these caverns. I hit my head over 50 times and for days latter still have a very sore head with headaches. The lighting is poor and there were a number of times I hit my head multiple times trying to get through a single area. You are forced to slid on your hind end at least once and it is wet. Fortunately my pants didn't show anything after they dried out, since I was going to dinner to a nice place after touring the caverns.

He banged his head FIFTY times?? You would think after the first dozen or so hits to the noggin that the poor gentleman would have at least paid a little closer attention to his surroundings.

Credit: Don Fink

2. Glacier National Park. Many national parks have been overly crowded this year and Glacier was no exception. The reviewer below had a less-than-fun experience on the Going to the Sun bus tour.

Worst tour ever. Not worth the money or time saw only pine trees an run down camp sites no animals no nothing. We have all the pine trees in MI I want to see. Nothing great to see.

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Credit: National Park Service

3. Little Bighorn National Monument. This historic spot on Montana's map is another popular stop for school field trips. With a little imagination, you can almost hear the ghosts of the battle while standing among the waving grasses. Not everyone agrees that it's worth visiting though. This reviewer (a local) thinks it's on the boring side.

Have been here several times because family and friends always want to see it so we tell them it's just a field with a lousy visitor center. But we always take them and some are impressed some are not. Artifacts are cool but other than that.......ok next new visitor to Montana and we'll be back. :)


4. Madison Buffalo Jump State Park. Located between Bozeman and Three Forks, I remember visiting this place years ago and thought it was interesting. Perhaps this tourist was expecting more.

It was a disappointment! Drove the seven plus miles to the site to discover the bathrooms were locked. There is zero information about the site when you drive in. It was 82 degrees and the hike was only 1/4 miles — but the last two people who posted had problems with rattlesnakes on that trail. Decided it wasn’t worth it (especially with our dog), so we left.

Thanks for coming. Don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine on your way out.

Photo: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

5. Beartooth Scenic Highway. It wasn't easy finding a negative review about one of the most scenic drives in the west, but sure enough... there's always at least one person who would complain about anything. This Karen thought it was lame.

I really didn't see what all the fuss was about. A large part of the way to the top stop is bear, rocky mountains with a few nice views of other mountains. I've seen many more interesting, more beautiful places around the world and even just locally. The Grand Tetons are much more beautiful. Even the badlands south of the Black Hills were much more interesting. I'm sorry we went out of our way for this highway.

Good. Please don't come back. That'll mean less traffic for those of us who love that drive. Thanks for visiting, tourists... we'll see ya next summer.

H/T The Lady Alex, My Country 95.5

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