One of my Facebook groups that I keep an eye on is one that reviews customer service experiences at various places while people are out spending their hard-earned dollars.

Well, somebody had a bad experience at a steak joint. So they got on there and wrote a scorched earth review that ended with "never going back again" -- which is completely their right.

But they were mentioning that when they got their bill, nothing was comped. They felt like something should have been taken off of their bill. And I disagree.

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I've been to the restaurant in question over a hundred times and have never had one bad experience. But the meal in question was on Mother's Day, the busiest restaurant day of the year. And if you've never worked in a restaurant during extremely busy periods, I could see where you, the customer, would be upset with what happened.

Please consider the following: The joint was completely full. It's hard to get good help (on the dining room floor and in the kitchen). Mistakes get made.

And at the end of the rant, they mentioned that they were handed a pen that didn't work.

Well, that's an easy fix. Always carry a pen. I do.

I saw this on some small-town menu many years ago and it still resonates with me today:

"If you had a bad experience in my restaurant, please tell me. I'm Joe. And I'm the owner. If you had a GREAT experience in my place, please tell everybody."

Now is a good time for a little patience and over-tipping when you get that great service.

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