Over the weekend, I came across this brand new challenge online... and all I could think about was... who would do such a thing!?

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Subway, Age 27, From Billings?

Subway, yes THAT Subway, is offering their #1 fan a chance to prove it and win "Subway for life"... only if you legally change your name to "Subway".

I'm not kidding. The fast food sub chain has put out the challenge to anyone and everyone willing to apply... and if you are picked, you are to change your name to "Subway" (which Subway will pay for), and once it is complete, you win "Subway for life"!

Wait... For Life? Or "For Life"

Ok, so if you read the fine print of the challenge, you find out that Subway is a bit... cheap. Not their food these days, but the company certainly is.

First, in order to win, you must complete a bunch of forms... a background check, and finally (if all is in order) Subway will provide you with a check or prepaid card totaling $750 to cover the costs of the name change, and you must complete the changeover within 4 months, using LegalZoom, and provide proof that the name change has happened.

So, how much is "For Life"?

Turns out, if you complete everything that Subway has requested and you are confirmed to be the winner, you get... $50,000 worth of Subway Gift Cards. $50K worth of food, to last you "For Life".

I don't know about you... but I know when I go to Subway, I order the following meal:

  • 6 Inch Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch
    • Untoasted Italian Herbs & Cheese
    • Bacon
    • Chicken
    • 2x Monterey Cheddar
    • Lettuce
    • Pickles
    • Peppercorn Ranch
  • Small Huberts Lemonade
  • SunChips Harvest Cheddar chips
  • 1 Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie (They are so good)

My total? $11.37 before "deals". At that rate, I could eat Subway every day for the next...

12 Years

Now, unless I am dying by the age of 43... that sure doesn't equate to "For Life" if you ask me. But hey, maybe I'm ordering too much. And that is only 1 meal a day.

If you want to sign up and sign your name away (literally), click the button below!

What are your thoughts?

Would you change your name to "Subway" for $50,000 in gift cards? Do you think Subway is being cheap? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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