Parents sometimes feel like they are getting pulled in a hundred different directions. Between work, daycare, school, appointments, cooking and household chores, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. I've been there, but I've never been so frazzled that I've forgotten one of my kids somewhere. Especially like on the side of the road in Wyoming. 

AP News shared the story yesterday of a Wyoming couple that were traveling in separate vehicles along I-80 in the southwest corner of the Cowboy State. Apparently, one of the vehicles got a flat tire, so they both pulled over to put on the spare before continuing on their travels. Except they forgot one small detail...their 9-year-old son. That's right, they both drove off, likely thinking the other parent had the kid in the other car.

The story doesn't say how long it took the parents to realize that neither of them had the child in either vehicle, but at some point, they realized their mistake and called the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Before troopers could locate the child, a good Samaritan had already picked up the kid from the side of the interstate and brought him to the Green River Police Department. Authorities do not believe the scenario was suspicious and did not release the name of the child or parents (who I'm sure are absolutely mortified and embarrassed by the ordeal). Thankfully the story had a happy ending. With child trafficking a huge concern, it could have been much worse.

One time last summer we were floating the Missouri River with my brother and his family. We reached our destination and started loading up gear and rafts and coolers and our various kids and vehicles and stuff. In the mayhem, we forgot his little guy (who was like, six, at the time). It wasn't until we got back to his house and someone said, "Has anybody seen Brock?" that we realized we had forgotten him at the river, for like two hours. When my brother's wife raced back to get him, there he was, sitting on a bench eating a bag of potato chips. He wasn't crying, but he wasn't very happy either. "YOU GUYS FORGOT ME!" he yelled. It's been a bit of running joke ever since.

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I'll wrap up this story with a heartwarming video from LADbible of a cheer dad who is awesome. I bet this dad hasn't ever forgotten his kid somewhere.

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