These fellows have gotten themselves a fair bit of local press lately. As I was to discover it’s for a good reason. While I hesitate to give any sort of hard label to their style of Jazz I would probably say Jazz Fusion would be the most applicable. Even Jazz Fusion is a little hard to nail down as to what it means specifically as the definition varies depending on who you ask but this band was able to effortlessly incorporate elements of Soul and Funk along with strong improvisational skills built around a rock solid rhythm section. Honestly I didn’t think I would be able to find this type of music in Billings, but hey, here it is.

There’s a little info on the band. The show was their album release for their newest album, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which was released both on vinyl (which is a nice change of pace) and digitally. All told, pretty good show. The opening band was less than stellar but the Organ Trio definitely made up for it. You can find them here and here. Check ‘em out!