If you think you're a big music fan, wait until you meet this guy.  Tom Deady started collecting albums at the age of 8.  While there is no way of knowing for sure, he believes he may have the largest private music collection in Montana.

According to his last count, Tom now owns:

77,500 .45's
23,000 Vinyl LP's
10,000 .78's
4,000 CD's
and 500 Eight Tracks

He even has an old eight track recorder and a four track reel to reel player.  Tom's love of music crosses all genres, but his favorite era is the 50's and 60's.  Among his prized possessions are his albums from The Hollies and the Beach Boys.

Tom says he can't estimate how much money he's spent on music over the years.  And he doesn't want to know.  He does know that he plans to keep adding to his collection for the rest of his life.