You hear a lot of people talk about what restaurant chains they'd like to see in Billings.  Here's an idea:  instead of bringing a Hooter's to town, what we really need is a Bikini Beans Espresso franchise.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bikini Beans, it's a gourmet coffee chain that targets male clientele with busty baristas.  After launching successful locations in the Seattle area, Bikini Beans is now ready to share their tasty brews with the entire nation, starting with a new series of drive through outlets in the Phoenix area.

I don't know about you, but I need coffee to get my morning started.  And what better way to elevate the coffee experience than with scantily clad servers preparing your cafe mocha?  Plus, unlike some restaurant chains that lure customers with attractive waitresses, Bikini Beans franchises require less retail space and are much cheaper to operate.  And the coffee business is booming.  According to the National Coffee Association, it's now a 30 billion dollar a year industry...and it's growing.

They estimate 83 percent of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, and the average coffee drinker consumes three cups per day.  Clearly, there is a market for more coffee shops in Billings.  And nothing would "stimulate" our local economy quite like a Bikini Beans franchise.