When it comes to preparing and eating food there is really only one condiment you need. That condiment? Hot sauce. The best part though is hot sauce comes in many flavors. There is figuratively an army of different types of hot sauce out there. Here are the five that are in my kitchen at all times.

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    Cholula Hot Sauce

    The Undisputed King of Hot Sauce

    Cholula Hot Sauce is the undisputed King of Hot Sauce! It's the whole package, it's got spice and a really great taste. As you can see I buy the largest bottles I can find because I will put this stuff on ALL OF MY FOOD.

    I'm not joking, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No meal is complete with out my Cholula.

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    Valentina Hot Sauce

    Big taste in a big bottle

    This giant bottle of hot sauce has a really nice bite to it and goes really well with basically anything Mexican. I do not use this as much as I do my Cholula, but if I am cooking a Mexican dish I can assure you that this one is coming out in full force.

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    Frank's Red Hot Original

    For when you run out of Cholula or you got wings.

    Frank's Red Hot original sauce is my #1 sauce for hot wings. If you're cooking hot wings you better be using this sauce. It also comes in handy when you've run out of Cholula sauce.

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    For when you need that extra bite!

    I will usually Tapatio to supplement one or more other hot sauces that I have chosen. Of all of the sauces I have, this one is probably the "hottest" and is a great addition to any meal needing some more spice.

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    Cholula Hot Sauce #2

    Never have just one bottle.

    Cholula Hot Sauce is an amazing addition to any and every meal. I wasn't kidding when I said I use it on almost every single meal. Therefore I tend to run out of it very quickly. My solution? Always have a backup bottle waiting in the wings.

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