I am dumbass.  If you listen to me on the radio every afternoon, you already knew that. And, chances are, I'm going to be even dumber than normal today.  This morning, I plunked my bald head on a cabinet and busted myself open.

It all started when I decided to finally replace the empty roll of toilet paper that had been sitting on the dispenser for the past week or so.  After I performed the delicate roll switching procedure, I completely forgot about the wooden cabinet that hangs over the toilet in my humble abode.   As I lifted my head up, I felt a thump.  Then blood started gushing out of my noggin.

Luckily, the wound stopped bleeding profusely after a few minutes.  I probably could have gotten stitches, but I'm already going bald.  Hell, I've been going bald. Who cares if you have a scar on your dome?  It couldn't look any worse.