Photo by NASA via Getty Images

Last year, Metallica became the first band to play on the continent of Antarctica, now Lamb of God wants to boldly go where no band has ever space.

In a recent interview with Metal Injection magazine, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler announced his band's ambition to be the first musical group to play in outer space.  Adler plans to offer the group's services to Virgin air founder Richard Branson, when the mogul begins commercial flights on his Virgin Galactic shuttle.

"I think if we approached Richard Branson in the right way, we could help them prove how safe it is," Adler told Metal Injection. "Take a heavy metal band to space and we're all going to get back just fine."

As for the challenge of playing drums in zero gravity, Adler said, ""We're ready musically.  I don't know if we're ready mentally."