Thanks to all the Hawk rockers who came out and donated blood yesterday at our annual DJ's United For Life Drive at Universal Blood Services.  We had over 50 listeners stop by or make appointments and those donations could help save hundreds of lives.

Hawk listeners weren't the only ones who rolled up their sleeves for a good cause.  Sam Talkington was man enough to face the needle.  Turns out, Sammy's got the universal blood type, which can be given to any patient.

Sammy's not afraid of a little blood

I found out I have AB blood, which means my plasma can be donated to anyone and is in high demand.  Although I am afraid of needles, the process was relatively painless (after I covered my eyes like a frightened child as the needle was being inserted).  Despite the fact that my attending nurse was a Green Bay Packers fan, she somehow resisted to urge to punish a vulnerable Bears fans.

If I can do it, anyone can.  And it's especially important around the holidays, when the need for blood is greater and supplies often run low.   If you couldn't make it for our Blood Drive yesterday, our friends at United Blood Services would love to see you.  Their offices are located at 1444 Grand Avenue in Billings.  You can also contact them by phone at 406-248-9168 or online at

Big thanks to Carrie and everyone at UBS-Billings for having us and to our friends at Project Meats and Cafe Zydeco for providing us with food.