When Sammy Hagar says "I can't drive 55", he means it.  This week, the Red Rocker added a new toy to his already impressive car collection.  Hagar will soon be one of 499 lucky gear heads, and the only "redhead" to own the new $1.4 million Ferrari super car, LaFerrari.

With 950 horses under the hood, the LaFerrari is one of the most powerful and highly sought after sports cars on the planet.  But it's not Sammy's first Ferrari.  In fact, this will be the 6th Ferrari in Sammy's collection, which began back in the 70's.  Sammy's garage also boasts over a dozen classic cars, including an Aston Martin, a Lotus and several vintage Ford roadsters.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Sammy described his need for speed. "“I suspect I might even have to take some more driving courses to really be able to pilot this baby with confidence.  From everything I’ve read about the LaFerrari, you need to recalibrate your brain when you get inside."

Check out pictures of Sammy's kick ass car collection here.