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It’s That Time Of Year
Well just about every night we have nasty storms and then in the morning it is really nice. From hail in the evening to beautiful skies in the morning. Welcome to spring in Montana!!!
Good Evening Billings
I like the clouds and the wide open sky's of Montana. I took this picture the other evening as the sun was setting out in my front yard God makes some dynamite pictures. Don't you think? Ain't Life Grand!!
10 Happiest Places in Montana [Poll]
I don't know how you feel but I'm surprised that Billings didn't make the happiest places to live in Montana list.  How could we not make the list?  Now, I will say that I haven't been to all the towns listed below.
So how did Zippia come up with The 10 Happiest Places i…
5 Ways Montana Ruins Your Life
Living in Montana has so many perks that if you lived anywhere else it would ruin your life.
From the scenery to the people and everything in between, we all have a lot to be thankful for here.
If you ever need confirmation on that, just look around, it is not hard to find...
You Know You’re From Billings When … [Opinion]
There at least five sure-fire ways to tell if you're from Billings.
You know you'r'e from Billings when ...

the best action on a Saturday night is heading to the dirt track to see some Late Models run at the Billings Motorsports Park
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What I like About Billings
I moved to Billings some 30 odd years ago from the greater St. Louis area and have never thought about moving back. When I first moved here phone calls were still a dime and when I went to work I didn't even lock the door.
Well, times have changed...

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