Make Your Kitchen Great Again!
Are Your Kitchen Appliances Outdated?  Ready for a free upgrade?
We're looking for the ugliest, most outdated kitchen in town.  If you think it's yours, submit a photo using the form below.  We'll take our favorites and put them up for a vote...
Last Day! Enter To Win A Luxury Smart Toilet Seat Worth Over $700
Fact: We live in a world where millions go hungry every day.
Fact: Some people don't have to wipe their own butts because they have a luxury toilet seat that pressure washes their ass for them.
I suppose it's not big news that life is unfair and that some of the rich folk can get luxuries th…
Identify The “Bird Of Prey” To Win Eagles Tickets
Listen to Sam Talkington every day this week (Mon-Fri) during the Nooner All-Request Hour to win tickets to see the Eagles perform at Rimrock Auto Arena on June 2nd. Sammy will play the sound of a "Bird of Prey" and if you're the first person to correctly identify the type of …
Win This Awesome Gas Fire Pit For Your Backyard!
The Spring Home Improvement Show is coming to Metra Park March 6th-8th. In Montana we love our wide open spaces and big back yards and a Gas Fire Pit from the Fireplace Center would be an awesome addition to your outdoor retreat.
One Wedding Ring and 61 Wieners
Joey Chestnut Just Won His Eighth Straight Hot Dog Eating Contest! But not before proposing to his girlfriend.
How do you celebrate your engagement AFTER you've eaten a year's worth of greasy, processed meat?  Someone now has the answer to that question...

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