Today marks the 30th anniversary of Bon Jovi's self titled debut album.  Although we didn't know it at the time, band leader John Bongiovi would eventually become one of the biggest rock stars in the world and, arguably, the biggest heartthrob in hard rock history.  Three decades later and ladies of all ages still come swooning with Jon is crooning.  Accordingly, here are my picks for the Biggest Babe Magnets in Rock History.

Rock stars have been wooing female fans since Elvis first shook up the country in the 50's.  The criteria for this list does not include the number of wives a rock star may have had, the number of women he claims to have bedded or even the depravity of their groupies.  These are rock stars with the look and music that appealed to women of all ages.  And for hard rockers, the golden age of babes was the Big Hair Glam Rock Era of the 1980's.

1.  Jon Bon Jovi  - With all due respect to his band mate Richie Sambora, who was once married to both Heather Locklear and Denise Richards, there's something about Jon Bon Jovi that women find irresistible.  His look has changed over the years, but the number of hot chicks at his concerts hasn't.

2.  David Lee Roth - Although he fell on some hard times in his post Van Halen years, there's no denying that Diamond Dave was responsible for inviting babes to the party.  For years, hard rock audiences had been predominantly male.  Then Van Halen ushered in a new wave of bawdy excess that would last for over a decade.  At the height of his popularity, DLR actually carried a paternity insurance policy from Lloyd's of London.

3.  Def Leppard - With the possible exception of Journey singer Steve Perry, no hard rock singer was able to connect with woman like Joe Elliot.  Their slickly produced sound and suggestive lyrics turned the backstage area of their concerts into modern day Roman orgies.  With their bitchin' mullets and acid washed jeans, there wasn't a woman alive in the late 80's who didn't want these guys to pour some sugar on them.

4.  Bret Michaels - Timing is everything.  And it couldn't have been better for Poison's front man.  His poignant power balled "Every Rose Has It Thorn" cemented his status as one of the biggest heartthrob of his era.  In an unlikely second act, he was able to prolong his fame with a reality show where drunk strippers would fight for his affection.

5.  Tommy Lee - Normally, singers and guitar players get the hottest chicks.  Not in Motley Crue's case.  Long before his now infamous sex tape with Pamela Anderson, Tommy was luring the hottest chicks in Hollywood.  Clearly, women love a bad boy.  Especially one who is hung like a donkey.

Honorable Mention.  David Coverdale from Whitesnake - Coverdale combined glam metal fashion with innuendo laced power ballads to become one of the biggest sex symbols of his era.  His on and off screen romance with supermodel turned drug crazed Celebrity Rehab star Tawny Kittaen created some of the most steamy, sensual scenes in the hey day of music videos.

Admittedly, this list is far from scientific.  As long as dudes are on stage making music, their will be women backstage making love to them.  And, I'm not a woman.  But I have seen women go crazy for these guys, some of whom have remained sex symbols well past middle age.  Ladies, feel free to add your picks for the biggest babe magnets in rock history.