I've had several dreams about hanging out with rock stars over the years, and that's not counting lurid fantasies about Stevie Nicks.  Last night, I had one of the strangest rock star dreams ever.

My brother and I were partying with Ozzy Osbourne.  In my dream, we were at Ozzy's house, but it looked more like a regular 3 bedroom home in a middle class neighborhood, dreams are funny that way.  As we drank vodka straight from the bottle and smoked pot with Ozzy, his wife Sharon emerged.  When Ozzy wondered off in a drunken stupor, Sharon then tried to seduce my brother and I.

Of course, we spurned her advances.  Not only is Sharon hideous, but the shrill sound of her wretched, witchy voice is a definite boner killer.  We told Sharon how much we admired her husband and that we couldn't, in good conscience, defile the man's wife in his own home.  But she was persistent, and even hatched a plan where we could sneak into another area of the house and "Ozzy would never know".

It was about this time in my dream that Ozzy woke up.  He was now enraged, still drunk, brandishing a butcher knife while questioning Sharon about her proposed infidelity.  He then proceeded to chase her around the house with the knife.  Meanwhile, my brother and I figured this would be a great time to make our escape.  We ran into the backyard, jumped a fence and fled on foot.  Shortly after that, I woke up.

Oddly enough, I've had a bizarre series of reoccuring dreams about classic rock artists for decades now. In these dreams, I am working at a radio station that also sells submarine sandwiches (don't ask me why) to the public.  Typically, in these dreams, I am struggling to conduct an on-air interview with a rock star such as Billy Squier, Joe Satriani, Ted Nugent or Joan Jett while trying to keep up with the number of sandwiches that are being ordered by the customers.  Occasionally, the interviews will also be derailed by technical difficulties or unruly fans.

From what I've read about dream analysis, my series of sandwich store/radio station dreams are rooted in the fear of being unable to control things that are around me.  However, I have no idea about what the Sharon Osbourne indecent proposal dream could possible mean.  If you have any idea as to what being propositioned by Sharon in my dream could possible mean, please feel free to submit your interpretations.