Like an idiot, I walked to work today.  I only live three blocks from our studios, but it was a painful three blocks.  I also neglected to put on a pair of long johns before I left the house.  Huge mistake.

As I felt the cold air infiltrate my pants, I began to wonder if it's physically possible for icicles to form on human body parts.  If so, I could legitimately run the risk of developing a pair of icy ballsicles.

Surprisingly, when I posted the question of ballsiccles on my facebook page, I discovered that I wasn't the only person who had pondered the possibility of frozen nuts.  Comedian Rich Hall coined a similar phrase, sniglet, in the early 80's.  Others have referred to this physical phenomenon as "testicicles".  The line of the day came from facebook friend Alissa Shephard, who astutely pointed that they aren't truly ballsicles until someone tries to lick them and their tongue gets stuck.  Nicely played, Alissa.