In comparison to much of the rest of the country, Montana is unique and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

We have our own sayings and our own way of doing things, which in my opinion, the rest of the world could learn from. Others may not think it's right but that doesn't make it wrong by any means.

The more I live in Montana, the more I realize it isn't much different from where I grew up and that makes me feel right at home because I don't have to change much about myself to fit right in.

Here's a list of 10 bizarre things Montanans do that I like:

  • We wear short sleeves in cold weather and enjoy it.
  • We drive fast even when we're not supposed to.
  • We have an entire festival dedicated to cattle private parts.
  • Some of us still leave our doors unlocked like when we were kids, and it's OK.
  • We have strange names for animals (example: Speed Goat and Rock Chucks)
  • If you're late you can actually blame it on an animal in the road.
  • We use electricity to plug our cars in even though they aren't electric.
  • We eat pasties made of meat.
  • In Montana, rodeo is a very serious sport
  • Bakeries are awesome

I love Montana and you should, too. Take pride in the wonderful things we have in the Treasure State because others can only dream of what comes natural to this great state.

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