Technology has taken over the world!...and I believe it all started with the internet.

Most of us couldn't survive without it today. Nearly everything we do crosses the path of the internet is one form or the other.

I remember the time when trying to figure out where you were going involved a map. Now I turn the GPS on my phone not only to get step by step navigation but more importantly to see what hour and minute I will get there.

Here are my top 5 things Montanans did before the internet was around.

  • People stopped by each other's house, just to say hello.

We never looked on social media to see how someone was doing. If we wanted to catch up we went to their house, knocked on the door and had a face to face conversation.

  • We wrote each other letters and waited days if not more for a reply.

There was no instant messaging for wherever you might be at that moment. We sat down and put pen to paper, stuffed it into an envelope and waited a long time to receive a reply.

  • Video games? No, we spent our days outside playing in the dirt.

If you wanted to play you went outside to ride your bike, play a game of ball or hide and go seek. Being inside was a form of punishment for some of us.

  • We went to video stores to rent movies.

There was no click a button on the TV to rent the latest movie NOW. The term DVR was unknown. We went to the store, picked up our VHS tapes and hoped the previous person hit rewind before returning it to the store.

  • The library was the place to go to learn new things.

If you needed to know something, you looked it up in a dictionary. Google wasn't around to answer your questions.

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