So we now know that Billings is one of the top ten cities in the nation for beer drinkers.  We also recently learned that Billings ranks in the top ten for hangovers.  One of the top beer drinking cities in America also gets hangovers? No Way!

Like most of us, I love a cold beer -- but not the hangover. It seems the older you get the long it takes to recover. And I really don't have a Sunday to waste. Wait, I do waste my Sundays on Nextflix but I don't want to feel like crap all day.  Bro Bible had eight of the 10 ways to avoid a hangover; the last two are from me. I've had some experience with hangovers

1.  Don't Mix Beer and Liquor

You know how this will end, but at the end of the night, it's hard to say no to that shot of fireball.

2.  Don't Smoke

Every time you smoke, you’re inhaling that same garbage that causes your hangovers in the first place.

3.  Don't Drink the Dark Stuff

You should probably drink vodka instead of that demon whiskey. That’s because dark liquors contain a ton of toxic compounds.

4.  Don't Eat Crappy Food

It will taste good going down but the next morning will only add to your upset stomach.

5.  Don't Drink Coffee

Coffee is a diuretic. Enough said.

6.  Don't Try to 'Sober Up'

The hangover is coming, you can't beat it. Don't waste a good night by sobering up.

7.Don't Just Crash

Water, aspirin and maybe brush your teeth if you're at home so you don't wake up tasting the alcohol.

8.  Don't Take Tylenol

The worst mistake that people make when they’re trying to avoid a hangover. Tylenol – also known as acetaminophen – is kinda dangerous. That’s because your liver has a hard time processing it.

9.  Go One For One

One beer, one glass of water always helps the next day.

10.  Stay Classy

More expensive liquors tend to be distilled more times, less crap in them.




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