It's a good thing being drunk is so wonderful, because this sounds TERRIBLE.

A new survey found the average person spends 315 total days HUNGOVER, which means you waste almost a FULL YEAR of your life feeling like crap because you drank the night before.

Women have a total of 840 hangovers in their lives that last about nine hours each . . . men get drunk more often and have a total of 1,080 hangovers in their lives that last about seven hours each.

Half of people say the thing they hate most about hangovers is feeling sick, a quarter say they hate how it wastes their time.

One out of 10 people say they've missed a job interview because of a hangover, one in 12 have missed a wedding, and one in 16 have missed a funeral.

How much time have you spent holding that cold pizza down and chewing baby aspirin? Do you have any sure fire hangover cures? Leave a comment and let us know!


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