First of all, I am not condoning smoking. If you don't, never start.

With that said, I miss the old days of having a smoke with my Coors in a bar. Those days are long gone in the state of Montana.

But in Cody there is a bar where you can sit down and have a smoke with your beer. I have told a few people about this place and they ask which bar. Well, I have been there many times but never knew the name of it.

I would just reply, "The bar at the top of the hill with a liquor store."

But on my most recent visit, I found out that it is the Rocky Mountain Lounge. Soo, this summer if you want to take a road trip and have a smoke and a beer in a bar, head to Cody and the Rocky Mountain Lounge.

They are biker-friendly and the gal behind the bar is awesome!

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