Since the Hawk will be playing the top 103 drinking songs on New Year's Eve, I thought I should be responsible and share some of the best preventative measures for avoiding hangovers.

Fact: I have drank until I should have died on many occasions and have never once had a hangover. I'm not sure how I have this ability, but I was told it will stop working at some point. It's almost time to put it to the test again.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you're planning on throwing back a few too many this New Year's Eve:

Dehydration causes hangovers, try to drink as much water as you can stand. Personally, I make sure to have plenty of ice in my cocktails. Maybe that's what keeps me going.

Coconut water prevents dehydration. For me, it also causes vomiting. Use this tip at your own risk.

Eggs contain cystein, an amino acid vital to detoxing. Crack a nice raw egg into your coconut water and see how you feel.

For those that like to pop pills, try B vitamins. They've been proven to help.

Finally, for the love of God and pedestrians, please don't drink and drive.