Feeling guilty about over indulging this past holiday weekend? A little bloated from stuffing your face with just about anything you can legally throw on a BBQ? Coughing up blood after waking up in a rest stop somewhere in South Dakota? Wow! That was a bender of epic proportions!!


Even if you've REALLY beaten your body up with alcohol, bad food, and smoking over the years . . . it's probably NOT too late to undo it.

Unless you're over 50, in which case you're pretty much screwed.

A new study out of Northwestern University in Chicago has found that you can undo ALL the damage you've done to your body . . . as long as you get rid of your bad habits before you're 50.

The researchers found that if you start to lose some weight, eat healthier, exercise, stop smoking, and cut back on alcohol in your 30s and 40s, your body will recover.

AND you can reduce your risk of having heart attacks and other health issues.

So if you're under 50, take your foot off the brakes and party like it's... what year do you turn the big five-O? Thanks science! Thanks for giving us the excuse to give our doctor the big middle finger when they tell us to cut down on the bacon and crumple up that pack of Pall Malls.