Today, some Hawkstars may have noticed that I was away from the airwaves. TL;DR I'm fine... we think.

But if you are interested in the health "mystery" I have right now, keep on reading.

A Quick Timeline

For the last few weeks, I've noticed that when I eat almost anything within 30 minutes to an hour of finishing my food, I start experiencing some odd symptoms.

  • Very warm arms & chest
  • Ice-cold feet and fingers
  • A mental fog/confused feeling
  • Sudden exhaustion

Interesting combo, right? If you try Googling these days... it's next to impossible to find some good information about it. (Thanks, Google, for ramming your useless AI into search by force.)

Last night was the last straw for me. After finishing my dinner (I eat like I'm 15 still - chicken strips, fries, and a soda), I started having those symptoms again. And it's a bit scary, especially when, like last night, those symptoms continued for over 5 hours.

Everything Looks Unremarkable. Story of my life.

If it wasn't enough being told I was less than remarkable in school studies years ago (only certain studies... like math), I've grown used to just shrugging that statement off. But, today I moseyed my arse into the Walk-In Clinic (I'm an Intermountain Healthcare kinda guy these days if you care) to get a checkup.

After the very kind nurse finished fishing for my veins, and got that crimson fluid from me, I got the joy of sitting around and watching TikTok while waiting for my results. (I remember when a blood draw for labs would take a few DAYS for results. Now, Intermountain is doing it in 15 minutes. I love progress.)

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Turns out, nothing appears to be wrong. "Unremarkable" is what they said. My heart is doing well. The lungs are fine. Kidneys are kidney-ing. The nerves seem good. Blood Cell counts are all great. No infections. And, being as I have gone from 275 pounds at the start of September 2023 to just 212 pounds today... I'm looking like a prime example of a 31-year-old. (OK, I made that last part up. But, I'm sticking to my story.)

So... now, I get to keep a record of every time I have something like this happen until my main appointment in June. Here's hoping it's just a loose wire somewhere.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever heard of something like this? Or, have you ever stumped the doctors? Let us know on our App Chat or on the Facebook Comments Section. If you wish, you can email me privately.

(P.S. One suggestion I was given was to simply cut meals into chunks, spread out every few hours. I officially gave that a try today after the visit, and I'm mostly alright. No major symptoms. Man, the body is a weird thing...)

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