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No, I'm not kiddingBefore we continue, I attempted to reach the Daycare in question by phone. Their voicemail is full. I also tried contacting them via social media, but their Facebook Page seems to have been disabled/deleted. If you want to reach me, my voicemail is not full. 406-248-7827, and dial "Rath" on your keypad to reach my voicemail. Or, click here to email me.


What a week in Billings. Heck, what a year so far. But, on my 2024 Bingo Card, I did not have "Baby Fight Club" marked down. A shame, really, because I might have gotten a bingo.

What The Heck is Going On in Billings?

All jokes aside, a listener reached out and pointed me toward a Facebook post from Billings local Jennifer B. In this post, she called out local daycare "Bibs to Books" here in Billings.

What for? Well, we spoiled that already. Videos were shared via Snapchat from a user called "future ex husband" of two children fighting in the daycare, with the caption "Fight night already starting".

Here's What Happened

The first video shows a child in an orange hoodie hitting another child in a blue hoodie, which looks to be somewhat playful fighting... like we all did at one point or another as kids.

However, the 2nd clip shows the blue hoodie-wearing child holding the other one down, then being grabbed by someone who is assumed to be an employee of the daycare and yanked backward. Now, during this, the kids appear to be having fun... almost "play fighting", if you will.

I REALLY Don't Take Kindly To This

But this is at a DAYCARE. Where parents are spending their hard-earned dollars paying YOU to watch THEIR kids. Would I want my kid coming home bruised from daycare because the workers were too busy FILMING THEM ON SNAPCHAT AND SENDING THE VIDEOS TO RANDOM PEOPLE? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

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Let alone, this video has been seen over 74,000 times on Facebook alone. What in the hell were you people thinking?


Either way, you be the judge here. Their Facebook page has been disabled/deleted, and their mailbox is full. So, we tried.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Do you think this is acceptable behavior at a Daycare business? Would you be angry if those were your kids? Let us know on App Chat or on the Facebook Post Comments Section.

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