November is a great month to stay tuned to the Hawk for free money. Not only do you have 2 shots every weekday to win 1,000 bucks, but Hawk VIP's can get in to win $10,000 to pay your bills. I don't care how many X-Wives you have, $10,000 should be enough to give you some breathing room for a month or two.

You must be a Hawk VIP for a shot at the $10,000. If you're not, it takes seconds to get signed up. Head over to The Hawk's Website and click the Sign up link in the top right and get registered. If you want to login with Facebook, choose that option and it's even faster.

Once your in, click on the Pay My Bills contest to get signed up. Simple.

This is a multi-station contest with our other TownSquare Media stations participating too, but we really want the Hawk listeners to get their share of this money, so sign up before it's too late.

The $1,000 daily prizes are easy to participate in. Just listen for the Pay My Bills cue to call and start dialing 877-854-WINS. If you're the 25th caller, you're in the money. Simple. Get that number saved in your phone so you're ready to dial and listen to the Hawk every weekday. We'll have 2 $1,000 winners every weekday this month (excluding Thanksgiving and the following Friday).

So what if you don't have any bills? What can you do with $10,000 bucks? I just checked ebay for the word "cool" and a buy it now price of $10,000. Check out these awesome options:

end_of_the_gravel_road via eBay
higs66 via eBay
chickens_dont_have_nuggets via eBay
classicrocksandspheres via eBay