Dry January was pretty much a bust for Montanans who participated. I didn't even try. I know myself better than that.  American Addiction Centers surveyed 3,000 people nationwide who pledged to take part in quitting booze for a month and only 25% of Montanans were successful. Ouch. The only state that failed worse than us was Louisiana, where 77% couldn't put down the hooch for 31 days. You can scroll over the interactive map HERE and see how all 50 states compare.

Credit: American Addiction Centers
Credit: American Addiction Centers

The survey revealed that 60% of respondents say the reason they failed Dry January is that they weren’t serious about it in the first place. A quarter (25%) said they failed because they missed alcohol, 10% said it was due to boredom, and 5% lost faith in themselves.

Have you kept any of your New Year resolutions? How about Lent? Are you giving up anything? Let us know in the comments.

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