If you're like us, your NCAA Tournament bracket is busted worse than the iPhone 4 you dropped in the toilet but refuse to upgrade.

So, yeah, while you're stewing over how you picked Villanova to go to the Final Four or lamenting your dingbat decision to pick a 16-seed to topple a 1-seed, the pain can be lessened by watching the people in this video (with some NSFW language) who are experiencing a totally different kind of pain.

These hoopsters are trying to make shots, but instead they find the only thing they can make is a blooper reel.

If there's anything to take away from this compilation it's that people should receive a license when it comes to dunking because much like driving on the road it's not safe to do it when you haven't been properly tested. Seriously, people, the only thing you should be dunking is an Oreo in some milk.

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