This weather has been fantastic and I'm loving it! We can open the windows in the afternoons, the kids can be outside, the kids can be outside with the dogs while I work on projects around the house and did I mention I can tire the kids out by playing outside?!

Every year when Spring finally shows up it's fantastic for the family and it makes me start to think about all the ways I can make our home even better. My wife did an amazing job painting and updating the living room earlier this month and I was looking at the kitchen the other day thinking that might be our next project.

The only problem is, updating a kitchen can be expensive. Sure we could just paint the cabinets and change the fixtures, but I really want to do something phenomenal. So, imagine how lucky I felt when I saw a certificate for $1,500 certificate to Rimrock Cabinet Co on the Seize the Deal Auction site!

I already knew I wanted to update our kitchen. I already know the local business Rimrock Cabinet Co. I definitely want to save some money so this auction is a win-win-win! There's a ton of great deals like this from local businesses that we already know and trust, so if I win those cabinets I might spring on a great discounted gift certificate for The Spiked Olive as well.

If you haven't checked out all these awesome deals, you really need to soon. Bidding ends tomorrow night at 7pm, so go find yourself a fantastic deal!

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