My family would say that I'm cheap but I would say that I'm frugal. Big difference! Have you ever taken advantage of our Seize the Deal Auction? It's a great way to save a couple of bucks, so you can spend that money on others things, like the local breweries downtown. That's what I do with my extra cash.

Our Seize The Deal auction is a great way for you to save money. This is one thing that you might not think about.  Framing. The picture above hangs in my house and it's my favorite thing. A Magical Mystery Tour (100 Beatles Song Titles). I can't afford the real thing but I could afford a print then picked out some cool framing to go along with it.  Take advantage of a huge discount at the Frame Hut & Gallery.

The auction preview starts today, April 4. Live bidding will be held between the 11th and 15th.  All auction items start at about 50 percent off.  Happy bidding.


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