There are a million ways to improve your home. Green grass and fresh flowers are nice and easy to do. Some home improvements projects are costly and it’s easy to keep putting them off.

Now is the time to repair your roof. Visit now to bid on auction items available. A certificate toward premium metal roofing worth $5,000 is up for bid. Starting bid is $2,500. It is one of 75 items available on the auction.

If you think your roofing project can wait, consider that there are three home improvements that you should not ignore. Procrastination of these three areas can end up costing you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs to the house structure.

-- Roofing issues: Billings has taken its unfair share of beatings when it comes to roofs. Our weather requires us to pay attention to the roof every year. It’s important to address minor roofing issues before they become significant. Calling a professional doesn’t mean you have to replace your roof; it allows you to make an informed decision. If you’re noticing leaking, loose shingles, discolored spots or bald-faced patches, connect with a professional as soon as possible. Roofing issues aren’t about home value when you sell a house – it’s about the structure of the home right now.

Angie's List points out, "There are also projects that don’t add much value. Roofing is one of them. However, if your roof is leaking, get it repaired. It will only cause your home more damage and cost you more over time. A leaking roof must be fixed to sell your home and a roof is something every savvy homebuyer and inspector will notice right away."

-- Drafty windows and doors: Windows and doors seem like items that should be all about aesthetics. But the truth is, old windows and doors that produce air leaks are a major drain on your energy bill. Picture all of that heated air you just paid for going right through a brick-sized hole in the wall. Old windows and doors welcome the warm air outside when it's cold and the cool air outside when its warm. This inefficiency costs you money. Having multiple windows and doors that produce drafts can quickly affect your pocketbook. You may be paying 50 percent more in heating and cooling than you would if you installed newer windows. Also, should you ever decide to sell, energy-efficient windows show homebuyers that the house was cared for, and reflect on the quality of the house as a whole. Window maintenance is a vital part of home improvement.

-- Siding: New siding in any season, including winter, is always a benefit to you. It enhances the appearance and curb appeal of your home; giving it a fresh new look, eliminates the costs of exterior maintenance and most importantly saves you big money on your energy bills. You also save money by eliminating the costs of repeated painting. Siding your home is not only something you do to upgrade the look, it is also the protective shell of home, keeping your entire family, cozy, safe, and warm all year around. For your house to make a good impression, your siding must be in good shape. Everything else could be perfect, but if the siding is under par, the house will have a poor showing, which could result in a much lower value.

Choose your home improvements based on what will benefit you the most. Preserve the home structure and save yourself some money.

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