Spring might just finally be here to stay - and that means I can get started on the mile long list of projects I've been thinking about all winter. The garage floor is a myriad of mystery stains and somehow it seems like all of my stuff magically multiplied over the winter.

I love taking on projects and making my home better, but I don't enjoy the expense of getting them done. That's why I was so surprised and excited to find some fantastic deals from S-Bar-S and Stronghold Surface Solutions on the Seize the Deal Auction that's happening right now!

This auction is amazing. Not only are there quality products and services up for bid at a huge discount, but they're provided by great local businesses that I already know and trust. If I win the shed from S-Bar-S, then I can clean out the garage! Once the garage is clean, I can have Stronghold Surface Solutions re-finish the garage floor and make it look much better than it does now.

As much as I want to win these great deals, I think everyone should know about this auction. If you've got some projects around your home that need doing, go check out this Seize the Deal Auction. You can place your bids until 7pm tomorrow night.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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