Ok, so the military's actual plan is not to scare cows. Cows are generally pretty laid back and they probably won't be startled by the roar of fighter planes racing over the barren plains of Montana. However, if you are headed to the SE corner of our state this week, keep your eyes peeled to the sky and you might get lucky enough to see some pretty impressive air power.

The United States Air Force announced their plans this week for exercise "Combat Raider" according KRTV News in Great Falls. The massive area of airspace is called the Powder River Training Complex, which forms a roughly trapezoid shaped portion of land from the SE corner of Montana into Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.

There are no details if any of the military planes are planning on making any stops, flyby's or touch-n-go's at Billings Logan International Airport, although they have used the Billings airport for practice events in the past.  The exercise is scheduled to run from Tuesday 9/10 - Thursday 9/12.

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