If the weather cooperates today (5/27) on the east coast, it will be a big day for both NASA and Elon Musk's Space X company according to CBS. NASA hasn't sent a person to space on one of our own rockets since 2011.  We've been renting rides from Russia (to the tune of $80M per flight) ever since the Shuttle program was scrapped. Since 2014 NASA has been working with Boeing and Space X to develop an outsourced rocket that meets our needs.

Space X seems to be the leader at this point and the launch today will make history as the first manned flight on the Crew Dragon astronaut ferry ship, sitting on top of a Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 is the straight-out-of-science-fiction reusable booster than can land vertically on the ground. Here's a refresher:

Here's a cool fun-fact for you: both of the astronauts scheduled on today's flight are married to other astronauts. I don't know why I found this so interesting. I realize lots of people get married to people they work with. It just seems like the astronaut dating pool would be pretty limited. As of 2020, there are only 48 active spacemen and women on NASA's active roster. 16 men and 32 women.

CBS News details the story of how Crew Dragon commander Douglas Hurley is married to astronaut Karen Nyberg, who spent considerable time aboard the ISS.  Crew Dragon pilot Robert Behnken is married to astronaut Megan McArthur, who helped repair the Hubble space telescope. Doug and Robert are best friends, while Karen and Megan get together for lunch and their respective kids enjoy playdates. All four of them met at NASA school in 2000. No pressure for their kids to be successful, right?

The launch today is scheduled for 2:33 PM Mountain Daylight Time, weather permitting. Coverage at the launchpad is happening now and you can watch it live HERE.

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