If you haven't heard of 12-year-old Anthony Schmidt yet, you probably will soon. This kid has been sweeping the internet the past week or so and I wouldn't be surprised if you see him on Ellen one of these days. I stumbled across his Facebook page and now I'm captivated by his artwork.

Like most boys, Anthony loves toy cars. He started collecting toy cars and scale models when he was little and then starting taking photographs of them with his mom's iPhone. What makes his pictures unique is that he sets the vehicles in amazingly realistic looking settings. His ability to use depth, scale and perspective is truly impressive. One news report said,

Cars became a vehicle to deal with his daily challenges with autism. Determined not to let his struggles hinder him, Anthony switched his focus, using his cars, a camera and a lot of creativity.

Anthony now has a Kickstarter campaign (seriously, you gotta click to see some of his pictures), raising money to publish his first coffee table book. As of today, (3/8) donors have already chipped in over $30,000.  You can also follow Anthony on his Instagram page.

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