It's that time of year when many of us throw dietary caution to the wind and completely ignore recommended daily allowances of sugar, fat, salt, and carbs as we officially get into the holiday season. From now until January 1, it's basically a cookie lovers paradise. Not to mention all the pies, homemade caramels, chocolate dipped pretzels and other baked delights.

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Before you promise to bake cookies for all of your friends this season, keep an eye on your inventory of ingredients. There are reports that many staples, such as flour and sugar could experience supply shortages on store shelves throughout the holiday season. A family member just said today that there was no sugar on the shelf at the Laurel Walmart. In addition to baking supplies, reported a number of other food items that could likely be limited this fall/winter as COVID-19 continues to impact the nation.

Rumors (completely unconfirmed) are flying that another coronavirus shutdown in Montana is coming. I wouldn't be surprised. Our COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations and positive cases keep breaking new daily records. Wash up, mask up, and keep your distance. Maybe pick up an extra bag of sugar and flour too. The final two months of this crazy year could be long.

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