Baseball is back in season.  By far my favorite sport growing up as a kid.  My kids all followed my passion for the game playing baseball for my son and softball for my girls.  My youngest daughter (age 13) is into her season for the year.  Trying to get a schedule for the season is harder than trying to pull off a triple play.  I called her mom to get a schedule and was asked if I was in the "thread".  What thread?  The only thread I know about is black or dark blue and I only use it when I have to sew on a button.  She replied, "No Snap chat, or twitter."  I don't know what snap chat is and would not even begin to understand twitter or instagram. I do understand the postal service.  You take a piece of paper make a tri-fold, stick in an envelope and place a stamp on it.  I just found a few days ago that my son's college graduation is this Saturday.  That only happened because I pick up a phone and called him about what day it was.  Guess I missed the "insta-snap-twit".

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