Many Montanans are struggling financially, with the current seasonally adjusted unemployment rate hovering around 7%. That's about 37,500 residents who are unemployed (June 2020 numbers from Hunger is a problem for many and when the food budget gets tight it's easier to spend whatever dollars you have on low-cost processed foods instead of healthier options like fresh produce. I've been there. "Do I spend $5 for these three apples, or do I spend $5 on a whole case of generic mac-n-cheese?" When you're broke, you'll likely buy the cheapest food on the shelf.

The Billings Food Bank is helping feed hungry people with quality food (including meats and produce) with their Farm to Trunk food distribution event, happening today (7/29), Thursday & Friday (7/30 - 7/31) between 10 am and 3 pm. Billings Food Bank is at 2112 4th Avenue North. Per their Facebook page boxes may include eggs, beef, chicken, beans, lentils, and more.

The Montana Food Bank Networks says that 1 in 9 people in Montana struggle with hunger, including 37,000 children who live in "food insecure" homes, which they describe as:

The inability to access food in a consistent manner, resulting in reduced quality or variety of diet. While food banks and federal nutrition programs have made severe hunger and malnutrition rare in this country, millions of low-income Americans are still faced with food insecurity.

The Billings Food Bank says that demand for their services has DOUBLED since COVID-19 hit Montana. Each year they provide around 14 million pounds of food to members of our community. If you are not in need, consider making a donation or volunteering at the Food Bank. 98% of every dollar donated goes directly back towards helping those in need in the Billings area. No one should have to go hungry.

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