Massive amounts of bacon is headed to Billings in preparation for Billings Bacon Fest. Our thanks to the many butchers who are putting in extra hours to make all of this bacon. Also, a big thank you to the pigs for their efforts.

In recent years, bacon has finally been getting the recognition it deserves. It's not just some "side meat" next to your eggs anymore. You'll find it wrapped around everything from meat loafs to Thanksgiving turkeys. Bacon candy bars, bacon ice cream, even edible bacon underwear...If you can eat it, somebody has likely tried to add some bacon to it.

We're excited to see what all of the various vendors come up with. So far, we like what we see: Bacon Mac 'n Cheese.. Bacon Apple pie.. Bacon Maple Fudge.. Bacon Bloody Mary's.. and the list goes on.

Its happening on Saturday the 15th, so don't miss out. More information and tickets are right here

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