After my rant yesterday about blinker usage in Montana, my coolest coworker (Jaci, who totally isn't making me say how cool she is) sent me a thought... have we ever figured out if it is legal to pass cars on the RIGHT?

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Uh... I dunno.

That was my first response. I truly haven't a clue! I've done it whenever I am in the "passing" "fast" lane, and some... unique individual... is driving 10 under the speed limit. I'm sure YOU have done it at some point, too! But... are we breaking the law in Montana by doing so? Should we just blow the horn till they move over?

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Break out the Montana Code!

Admittedly, if we didn't have the internet, I doubt this would have taken so little time to research... however, thanks to Montana being a pretty modern state... and keeping the laws updated online... we have our answer!

Can You Legally Pass Another Car On The Right In Montana?

The answer to this one is pretty straightforward, honestly.

According to Montana Code 61-8-324:

Overtaking vehicle on right. (1) The operator of a vehicle may overtake and pass on the right of another vehicle only under the following conditions:

(a) when the vehicle overtaken is making or about to make a left turn; or

(b) on a roadway with unobstructed pavement of sufficient width for two or more lanes of vehicles moving lawfully in the direction being traveled by the overtaking vehicle.

(2) The operator of a vehicle may overtake and pass another vehicle on the right only under conditions permitting safe movement. The movement may not be made by driving off the pavement or main-traveled portion of the roadway, except that a person operating a bicycle may pass on the shoulder, provided the movement may be done in safety.

Well, there you have it. You CAN pass on the right if the car is making a left turn... you have enough room to do so on a 2 or more-lane road... and as long as you do not drive off the main roadway.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you pass cars regularly on the right? Do you think this should be legal? Let us know on App Chat, or on Facebook!

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