Sprint Car Racing Then And Now
This is a picture of an old Supermodified ( in the 60s sometime). It was what a Sprint Car is now. The guy in the picture is Jerry Burns, a family friend.
Rest in peace Jerry.
This is a Sprint Car nowadays is quite a bit different...
Price Is Right Model Accidentally Gives Away Car [VIDEO]
Being a Price Is Right model is a tough job. You not only have to keep yourself physically beautiful, but you also have to be able to count to three. The math can be a challenge when you're caught up in an intense pricing game moment.. "Was that the first guess or the third...
Kardashians In Car Crash In Bozeman.
I grew up in Canada and I remember my stepfather saying that if you put everyone from Los Angeles on winter roads you'd cut the population of L.A. in half in a day. Obviously people used to no snow are not prepared. Enter the Kardashian clan...
Could You Survive a Hot Car?
There have been far too many stories in the news this summer about parents leaving their kids in the car while they go in and shop. This is not okay! We all know that a quick trip in the store can end up being much more than that.

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