When I left my house this morning to come into the studio, it was -20 degrees. Car batteries do not produce as much power during cold weather because it inhibits the chemical reaction inside the battery. If you are struggling to start your car in these harsh Montana winters you can usually turn the key a few times to warm up the battery and the ignition, but what happens when you have a push-to-start vehicle? Here's what I found out from personal experience.

Push-to-start vehicles need to be cycled differently.

My car doesn't have a manual spot to turn the key inside my key fob, so I have to use the button to start my car. Luckily, my car has the ability to be cycled by pushing the start button over and over again, which is how I got my car to start in this harsh cold.

Your push-to-start may be different, however, and may require you to jump the battery or contact your insurance for roadside assistance.

Keep an eye on your car's battery health.

Car batteries lose about 35% of their power in temperatures below freezing and 60% when the temperature reaches zero. This means that the age of your battery could directly impact whether your car starts well in the winter.

You can usually take your car battery into any auto repair shop and they'll test it for you, sometimes for no charge. You should be getting your battery tested and replaced around every three to four years.

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With temperatures sticking below freezing for the rest of the week in Billings, it's important to make sure your car can start and run well. If you have a push-to-start, take the extra time and make sure to warm up your battery in the morning and cycle your engine, and you'll make it to work on time.

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