A December 25, 2020, seizure of methamphetamine at the Montana-Canadian border had an estimated street value of over $28 million. The Canada Border Services Agency of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported the seizure in a news release this week.

The illegal drug was found as part of an essential goods inspection of a semi-load of produce that was entering Alberta from the US. The incident happened at the Coutts border crossing, just across the border from Sweet Grass, Montana. It's where US Interstate Highway 15 becomes Highway 4 in Canada.

There was 228kg of meth found in the shipment (photo above), which could be used in over 2.28 million dosages of the illegal drug. The driver was arrested and was charged with Importation of a Controlled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. Amarpreet Singh Sandhe of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is scheduled to appear on the charges in February.

Ben Tame of the Canada Border Services Agency was quoted in the news release, "While many Canadians were celebrating Christmas at home, border services officers at Coutts remained on the front line to protect our country. It is because of CBSA officers' diligence while screening essential goods that this record amount of methamphetamine did not reach our streets or cause harm to our communities."

The previous record amount of methamphetamine was in December, 2019, at the Ambassador Bridge port of entry in Windsor, Ontario. That was 200kg. Meth is highly addictive and can seriously harm a person's health.

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