You are from Montana.  You know what this rodent is.  I had one driving behind me today.  Yep...She was a 20 something with a cute little baseball cap on.  I pulled up to the stop light at 13th and Poly in my pickup.  I was the first one at the light, waiting for it to turn green.  The rodent was right behind me.  She was driving a white Subaru 4x4 (if it can be called that).  As I'm waiting for the light to turn green, I look in my rear view mirror and I see the rodent in the baseball cap looking down, and then just like they do, she popped her head up, like out of the dirt hole, for about  half a second and then down went the head again.  Now this is a long traffic light so I had time to observe this species for quite a few minutes....head down for awhile and then...pop up and look at my pick for half a second...head down for awhile and then pop up for half a second.  My conclusion was one of two things.  It's rutting season for this rodent or, GET OFF YOUR DAMN CELL PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION.  I hope it's rutting season and she can find a mate who, as well, does not wish to communicate through the process of verbal skills, visually watch their surroundings, and starts every sentence with, "OK,SO..."

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