On Saturday, 9/26, Christmas is 90 days away. Sweet baby Jesus, where did September go? It seems like Labor Day was just last weekend and now were knocking on October's door. I've never been one to rush the holidays and I do wish they didn't seem to blend together into one big blur of forced frantic cheer, but here were are... 90 days away from Christmas.

Sure, we've got Halloween to enjoy first. This year it's filled with COVID-19 party-pooper rules from the CDC. They're saying traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating is a "higher risk" activity, as are hay rides and crowded Halloween parties. They didn't mention the risk of attending haunted houses, although I'd imagine that scenario isn't the ideal situation for preventing the spread of COVID, with dozens of random, germy kids screaming and spitting and falling all over each other in terrifying, monster-filled, chainsaw roaring darkness.

Thanksgiving lands on November 26 and who knows where we'll be with COVID-19 at that point. Health experts are predicting the spread of the virus will likely get worse before it gets better. CDC Director Robert Redfield said in a recent interview with WebMD that it could be the "worst fall" we've ever had. So.. we have that to look forward to. Rolling eyes emoji.

Photo: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings
Photo: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Please don't think we're some kind of weird, ultra-Christmas-loving family at my house when I tell you that we already have a tree up. Because it's not technically a "Christmas tree"... it's our Vikings tree. DON'T LAUGH. My wife puts this tree up when the NFL season starts and it is completely decorated with various Minnesota Vikings ornaments and team colors (to be installed this weekend). Does it help our beloved team win? No. Does it bring cheer to our living room for much longer than the traditional "Christmas" season? Yes.

Just so you don't totally judge us for being weirdos with the trees, we don't put up our actual Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving (the way the good Lord intended), but the Viking tree gets to stand proud for a good couple of months before and after the December 25 date. I think 2020 can use all of the trees and lights and garland and warmth and eggnog we can give it, don't you?

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