I don't go overboard with Christmas lights on my home. I do the lazy gutter/eave thing every year.  In the past couple of years, I have not been able to get on a ladder to do this lazy job, but I've had my son around. Now, he is out of town at boot camp for the army.  My problem is that I am not comfortable to climb on a ladder to do the lazy light thing. SO...do I try to put up the lights?  If I don't, do my neighbors think I'm a loser?  If I put a lit-up tree in my picture window, does that pass as "I care?" How about I go to a big box store and buy an inflatable EMU decked out with green ribbon and just put it in my front yard with a 650-watt blower tied down with trailer straps so it doesn't blow away. I always just enjoyed the holiday for what it stands for. Christ, family and fun. You won't see the inflatables or lit up candy canes at my home.  If you look through my picture window you will probably see a Christmas tree and me dancing to loud Christmas music with my wife, kids, and grandkids.

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