UPDATE 4/22: The Amusement Park Drive-In will now be opening Monday, 4/27 according to a Facebook post this afternoon.

The Amusement Park Drive-In Theater near Laurel tried opening about a month ago, when the stay-at-home order and shutdowns were just rolling out. At that time they were threatened with hefty fines from the Yellowstone County Health Department, so they chose not to open.

They have apparently worked out a compromise with health authorities and the drive-in theater is planning on opening Friday night. They'll be showing Trolls World Tour and Call of The Wild. From their Facebook page, the following rules will be in effect:

  • You must stay in your car at all times, except to use restrooms & for food
  • No car hatches open, no lawn chairs, no sitting in the back of pickups, etc.
  • Limited number of people in the concessions building, with social distancing adhered to if in line
  • Children must stay in the car or with a parent at all times, no running or wandering around
  • Maintain social distancing in the restrooms, we will be reducing the number of usable stalls
  • Restrooms will be closed & sanitized at strict intervals, sorry for any inconvenience
  • You will be allowed to fill your own soda, as they do in every gas station
  • Employees will be in masks & gloves except for cashiers
  • Cashiers will not be allowed to handle food
  • Cleaning and sanitizing in the concession bldg will be done frequently
  • We suggest you bring your own hand sanitizer for use in your car
  • You may bring your own food. We have always charged a $5.00 outside food permit
  • We are taking every precaution to follow the guidelines.
  • We will be very STRICT about the rules. If you do not follow or if we feel you are not following these rules you will be asked to leave.
  • We will be open 7 nights a week

We're all antsy to do something - anything - again. Taking in a movie at the drive-in seems like a great way to do something while practicing smart social distancing. Kudo's to the Amusement Park Drive-In Theater for offering this entertainment option.

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